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Juliet Sargent

Juliet Sargent

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Exhibition Pieces:

nine on line pots

nine on line detail

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall

Nine on Line

Border Line - My inspiration came from a visit to Hadrian's Wall in April - it was a lovely clear day with strong contrasting shadows. I was taken by the idea of looking into Caledonia in Roman times with the hills and valleys in the background. The body of work I have produced is inspired by the literal and perceived shadows left by our ancestors.

The wall even though being nearly 2 millennia old is still beautifully straight and the only wear is from the dismantling for the purpose of building with the stone by those living locally. The thing that struck me first on my visit to the wall was the strength of shadow contrasting with the green grass and the gravel paths. The straightness of the wall was amazing, over great lengths it never faltered but raised out of the earth at right angles. The dressed stone so beautifully prepared. The shadow with its perfect line butting up to the wall and the broken jagged edge raising from it on the other side. The other thing that I noticed on my visit was from standing on the wall and looking north into Cumbria was the horizon line with deep valleys and soft hills creating a meandering line contrasting green fields and blue skies.

I have produced two bodies of work for this project.
The first being porcelain vessels thrown on the wheel with a shadow line cut into the clay that is glazed using a clear  industrial glaze. There is also a meandering horizon line cut into the pot in blue and turquiose.

Secondly I produced three flat pieces mounted on painted canvases that are intended as narrative. The first piece is inspired by the Roman Emperor Hadrian (AD76-138) and the building of the wall in AD122. This piece is almost entire but gives a hint of the demise of the Roman Empire. The second piece tells the story of the wall in the Pictish era with the reign of Caustantin mac Aeda (AD900-943). This piece is beginning to show the falling away of power on these parts with many years of war and blood shed throughout the dark ages. The third piece is in the present with Scotland gaining her autonomy and finally power to do as she wishes. The background canvas colours all add to the narrative effect of this historical tryptic.


Desmoulin Gallery in Newbury with Key Crafts Group.
Mixed selling show, 1st June - 27th July 2004

'Blue Room' exhibition at Quay Arts Centre.
Mixed selling show, 24th July - 28th August 2004

Open Studios Week, from Jubilee Stores Studio.
Selling show of own work. 21st August - 27th August 2004

A Century of Ceramics, Newport, Isle of Wight.
Ceramics Event and Book Launch. 6th March 2005


'The Coach House' made in Earthenware with relief lettering and coloured using underglaze stains. 2001

'High Ridge' house name plate, made in stoneware with relief lettering and coloured using oxides. 2002

Tulip Wedding Vase, Porcelain vase with slip trailed decoration using copper oxide and fired in reduction to produce reddish pink flowers on a white background. 2003

Wall lighting in conservatory. Slab built pieces made using a porcelain mix, and fired in oxidation. Glazed inside and polished on the outside. 2004